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The Equilitri Network is looking for experienced trainers

EQUILIBRIDGES is a Learning Partnership involving 5 European Countries whose goal is to create a professional network of experts who can efficiently apply the Equilitri method in their work, may that be youth field, corporate environment or any type of personal development related area.

What are we looking for?

  • qualified trainersfrom Lithuania, Romania, Croatia with minimum 3 years of experience in training students/young people; (please be aware that training and teaching are 2 different things).
  • excellent English language skills
  • commitment to do follow-up activities, to finalize all activities started and to prepare all the materials
  • experience in all aspects of organizing a short training course
  • good knowledge of the target group (students/young people) and their needs is a plus.
  • Experience in personal development is a plus (coaching, training, counseling, therapy etc)

Your Responsibilities will include:

–          Participating in a crash course on the Equilitri method (2 days) plus a workshop where the design of the training course will be developed (4 days) in Romania, 13-18th of May 2014

–          Participating as an observing trainer in an Equilitri course, in the beginning of October

–          Organizing an Equilitri training courselocally in co-training with an experienced international trainer, by the end of 2014. This training course will be in your own language.

–          Ensuring the proper visibility and marketing of the training course locally so that it attracts a minimum of 20 participants (students or young people)

–          Reporting back on the training course delivered and contributing to improving the training course design

Why work with the Equilitri Network?

You would be joining an international team of 21 people from Europe that transformed Equilitri from dream to reality offering trainings, coaching and mentoring for 115 participants from 31 countries in the first 3 years of activity alone. With 23 projects in 10 countries, we have attracted more than 200 000 € financing from various sources so far. The Equilitri 2010-2019 Strategy offers a clear vision and direction for the development of the network and plenty of opportunity for those involved in it.

But what is Equilitri? It is a journey of self-discovery, who you are and who you can be. In technical terms, it is a Personal Development Method developed in over 15 years of work and testing in Asia and Europe creating success stories and projects. It is the most complete and in the same time most simple personal development method to date.

Following up on this project, you will have the chance to be part of the national team of trainers and the opportunity to organize and deliver Equilitri training courses with the support and supervision of your Country coordinator.

All participation costs for the international events are covered.

All experts selected will sign a contract covering participation and involvement in the activities during the project.

Please send your professional resume and a brief motivation letter at:, by  17 April. Some limited extra information can be found at, but please note that the site is currently under complete reconstruction. For any other questions, contact us at:



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