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(in Romania; some positions available internationally) to learn more about PATRIR

Please share broadly with those who may be interested

PATRIR will shortly be launching a Call for Interns. This is a ‘preview’ of the positions available with the Department of Peace Operations (DPO). If you are interested: please make sure you fit the criteria for interns and that these positions are relevant for you. Please share this broadly with any who may be interested (including students at the university).

Want to make a real difference in the world? To gain professional skills and capacities that can empower you and help you to achieve goals within the country and internationally? To be involved in exciting work where you will be respected, your ideas listened to, and you’ll be doing something that matters? PATRIR is recruiting highly motivated, dedicated interns to join our team. Come work in a dynamic environment with a team of passionate professionals. At PATRIR, you’ll do work you can be proud of, be able to see actual results and help on key global, national and local issues.

Project, Program and Events Coordination; Research & Analysis; Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing; Civic Engagement and Active Citizenship; Governance, Diplomacy and International Relations; Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Crisis Prevention; Peace and Development Education

PATRIR is recruiting interns for the following positions

Department of Peace Operations
Assistant to the Director
Enrollment & Communications Coordinator – Global OPS (Operational Peace Support)
Researcher & Analyst (up to 3 positions)

Interning at PATRIR is a real professional development and work experience. You’ll be treated as a trusted member of the team – given the opportunity to engage on issues of interest and importance to you, and to develop skills and capabilities which will help you in everything you do going further. PATRIR internships are designed:

1. To ensure that you have the opportunity to work, engage and develop professional expertise in areas of interest to you that will support your long-term professional development

2. To ensure that we find the perfect fit between your skills, aptitudes and capabilities and the work of the Institute to maximize the positive contribution you can make

You will have the opportunity to play key roles in the development and support of programmes and peace operations, to contribute to the consolidation and growth of the Department / Centre you are working with, and to participate in training programmes of the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPTDC).


Many of the positions listed will also enable you to contribute to the development of project and programme funded positions for your work. If your internship is evaluated successfully and you wish to continue to engage with PATRIR, the possibility of transforming your internship into a paid position can be discussed with the relevant Department Director.

Brief Descriptions of Each Position
Here we provide you with a brief description of each position. Read over them and see which are of interest to you. If you are thinking of applying for a position: PATRIR is looking for people who are highly motivated, interested in gaining new skills, experience and expertise, willing to work, and who want to be part of an organisation actively working to make a positive change in Romania and internationally. For some positions you may need to be fluent in English (written and spoken).

Assistant to the Director – Department of Peace Operations
The Director of the Department of Peace Operations is responsible for overall management of the Department; ensuring growth and development of the Department; ensuring the Department achieves its objectives (globally and in the field); and leading major international peace support operations. The Assistant to the Director will be responsible for: administrative and logistical support; assisting the Director in implementation of his duties; research and mission preparation support for peace support operations. We are looking for someone who is fluent in English, with good administrative and work skills, well organized, and possibly with an interest to develop a major career in international diplomacy, the UN, dealing with global issues, and/or peacebuilding and mediation of peace processes. Applicants who feel they have very strong administrative, coordination, and professional support skills are also encouraged to apply.

Enrollment & Communications Coordinator –
Global OPS (Operational Peace Support)
Global OPS is a new on-line platform ( providing direct, customized assistance, support and coaching for experts, practitioners, and policy makers from governments, the UN, and other international, national and local organizations working in peacebuilding, prevention, and post-war recovery. The Enrollment & Communications Coordinator – Global OPS will be responsible for communicating with applicants and those interested in taking part in Global OPS programmes (primarily through e-mail and phone as participants are from around the world). The Coordinator will respond directly to the Global OPS Director and provide support for enrollment and management of global applications. English fluency is required, as are good administrative, coordination, and writing skills.

Researcher & Analyst – Department of Peace Operations (up to 3 positions)
DPO is looking for 1 – 3 highly capable junior researchers and analysts to provide support for peace operations. The Researchers & Analysts will be expected to research key areas of our missions: mediation, peace processes, prevention of armed conflict, reconciliation and healing after war, preventing elector violence, etc.; as well as research on conflict situations (eg. Nepal, Lebanon, Mexico, Syria and elsewhere). Researchers will need to: enjoy the process of research and analysis; develop briefing and policy papers to support senior staff; develop research notes and input into preparation of materials for training programmes and peace support operations. This will also include: development and editing of DPO’s global newsletter (3 – 4 times a year); jointly producing / contributing to 1 – 3 high level briefings on Romanian foreign policy; jointly producing/ contributing to 1 – 3 high level briefings for international publications addressing key issues in the peacebuilding field.

If you are highly committed, serious, and would like to take up an internship with PATRIR’s Department of Peace Operations (DPO) please write to

(c) Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen


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