Raoul Wallenberg International Essay Competition

Posted: August 6, 2013 in uncategorized
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The Swedish Institute, Student Competitions and Raoul Wallenbergs Academy have launched The Raoul Wallenberg International Essay Competition. Students (Bachelor/Master/PhD) between 18-30 years of age from all around the world are invited to share their thoughts in an essay (max. 1000 words) on how Raoul Wallenbergs qualities and humanitarian spirit have encouraged them to contribute to developmental and humanitarian work.

Top three winners of The International Raoul Wallenberg Essay Competition will be awarded with gift vouchers worth 1.000 EUR, 500 EUR & 250 EUR.

To enter the competition sign up here: http://www.wallenbergcompetition.com/users/new

All applicants are requested to read the terms and conditions before signing up: ttp://www.wallenbergcompetition.com/competitions/the-international-raoul-wallenberg-essay-competition-one-man-can-make-a-

Deadline: 31 December 2013

For all the details about the competition visit: http://www.wallenbergcompetition.com/


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