Call for Volunteers (in Bangladesh)

Posted: July 11, 2013 in education



TSDS is an independent Bangladeshi organization founded in 1973. The organization is running many social and development programs and projects – Fair Trade production, Agricultural Rights, Human Rights, Primary school and Kindergarden. Our projects are focused on rural and disadvantaged people in local community.

Thanapara Swallows Development Society is looking for volunteers for its projects in Bangladesh. Come and explore this beautiful country, its non-govermental sector and help us with different Thanapara Swallows activities.
You can see more about us on:
o Facebook – Thanapara Swallows Development society
If you want to come to Bangladesh and join us, contact Mr. Raihan Ali, the director of Thanapara Swallows –

The volunteers can cooperate with staff on all our programs and projects. You can participate in different sectors according to your interest
o IT and promotion
o Teaching in Thanapara Swallows Primary School
o Educating in Day Care Centre
o Monitoring in Handicraft production

We require:

o English communication skills
o Volunteer soul
o Reliability
o Willingness to learn new knowledge including Bangla language
o Any special skills are an advantage

We offer:
o Non-formal and friendly environment
o New and enriching experience
o School practise or internship
o Opportunities for traveling
o Accommodation and food directly in the organization campus

The arrival of volunteers is expected from October 2013 to January 2014. Preferred length of stay is from 3 to 6 months. The starting and ending dates are not fixed.

The volunteers must be ready to cover all costs related to their stay in Bangladesh. The accommodation and food are provided by Thanapara Swallows Guest House. Clean and homey rooms are equipped with air conditioning and possible internet connection. The price 20 Euro per day includes also meals three times a day. Individual discounts are possible.

(c) Thanapara Swallows Development Society, Rajshahi District, Bangladesh

E-mail:, Tel: 88 0722356029


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